Roseburg Public Schools uses an online system to begin the enrollment and registration process for all new, returning and re-enrolling students. Final registration steps for all students will occur in the fall. 

Access to begin the online enrollment/registration process for the 2022-23 school year is now open. The process is required for traditional schools and the district’s virtual education options.
Families are encouraged to access their ParentVue accounts and review their student’s enrollment information. 

2022-23 virtual school options 

Grades K-5: Select Roseburg Virtual School when enrolling for the 2022-23 school year. 

Grades 6-8: Select Roseburg Virtual School 6-8 when enrolling for the 2022-23 school year.

Grades 9-12: Students registered at Roseburg High School will have the option to apply for full-time distance learning for 2022-23. 

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Online enrollment/registration steps

STEP 1: ParentVue account. For all new, returning and re-enrolling students: Create, activate or verify your ParentVue account.

  • Log in to a current account
  • If you already have a ParentVue account (or a previous student in our schools) but have never ACTIVATED your account, please contact your child’s school to obtain your Activation Key.
  • Contact your child’s school for assistance if you forgot your username or password.

STEP 2: Parent Guide for Online enrollment. Complete the online enrollment/registration process by following these instructions:

STEP 3: Final registration. Once the online process is complete, the final registration steps will occur in the fall. This may include in-person registration events as well as the submission of required documents that were not submitted during the online process. Stay tuned for more information.   

No computer access: If you do not have computer access, please contact the front desk at your student’s school for assistance.


What is ParentVUE? The Synergy ParentVUE portal gives parents web access to their student’s information and communication with teachers. This will be the platform parents use to enroll their students online. For secondary schools, Parent Teacher Conferences will also be scheduled through ParentVue.

Forms: Be sure to review the “District Wide” list of forms, in addition to the Elementary or Middle School/High School lists on our website. (Some forms may repeat in more than one area.)

Verifications: For physical address and birth verification, you have the option to upload documents near the end of the online registration process, before you “Submit” your registration OR you can hand deliver them to the school when you finalize your registration in the fall.
There may be other required forms that you will need to download, complete and sign, then deliver to the school to finalize your registration. Please contact your student’s school directly to learn how to schedule an appointment to finalize registration.  

Virtual school options: For students in K-8 enrolling in Roseburg Virtual School, select "Roseburg Virtual School" on the School Selection screen during the Online Registration process. For students in Grades 9-12, register with Roseburg High School and contact the school directly to apply for distance learning (download the application on the Documents section of the OLR process).

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